API collects data on generic top-level domain registrations; this API provides programmatic access to a subset of this data. The API is currently quite limited in scope, but we plan to extend this in the short term.

Example Code

Concrete examples of API access in code can be downloaded here:


Access to the API is restricted to authorized users. Registration is currently free, and you can request access by emailing

Once registered, you will be allocated an access token which must be included in all requests.


The base URL for all calls is:

In the following documentation, only the path following this common root is shown.

Request Format

The API uses HTTP POST calls with a JSON payload. At the very least, the request payload must contain your access token, e.g.:

  "access_token": "abcdefgh12345678"

A JSON payload is returned for all requests.


If an error occurred whilst handling the request, an error payload is returned:

  "error": "Something went wrong"

The value for the error key is a human-readable message describing the error.

Top Level and Second Level Domain Names

All domain names are returned as ASCII. Internationalized Domain Names are Punycode encoded (more info: Wikipedia) and recognised by their xn-- prefix.


All dates are in UTC, and use this format:

[4 digit year]-[2 digit month]-[2 digit day of month] [24 hour]:[min]:[sec]


2015-01-25 17:00:02